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Getting Started 

Before we can begin work, the extent of the project must be established together with material needed for the type of shower enclosure desired. This of course requires input from you, the customer, as well as determining the preparation stage of the bathroom itself. If necessary, bath tiles, walls, shower floors will need to be prepared for the glass enclosure.

Making a shower enclosure the centerpiece of your bathroom design requires proper planning. By reviewing your designs in the early stages of development, we can provide detail design tips, ideas, and alternate layouts that solve many common installation problems before they occur, always focusing on safety, integrity and aesthetics.

After you make a selection and place an order for your bath enclosure, according to your instructions, we schedule and arrange an appointment date to begin the process.


Email or Fax Your Designs For Review

For a free no-obligation review, simply email your design to or fax your design to (503) 635-7611 and attach a drawing of your design with glass type, style, width and height and any other information that you may have. You can also call us at (503) 636-8182.

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